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The Salish Sea Inter Island Transportation Society is pleased to announce the 2017 Tour des Iles schedule. Reservation services are now open.

The 2017 Tour des Iles festival will connect all five Gulf Islands. Here are the island routes:

Ganges, Salt Spring – Port Washington, Pender
Ganges, Salt Spring – Montague Harbour, Galiano
Hope Bay, Pender – Lyall Harbour, Saturna
Hope Bay, Pender – Horton Bay, Mayne
Horton Bay, Mayne – Lyall Harbour, Saturna
Sturdies Bay, Galiano – Miners Bay, Mayne

There is ground transportation provided on islands connecting arrival/departure docks.
There is also ground transportation to many of the island festival attractions.

It is expected that by the end of this week, the website will have the first comprehensive listing of island activities planned for Tour des Iles. Some activities are being hosted by other groups and some are hosted by Tour des Iles. Activity listings will be updated between now and June 23, 24 and 25.

Make your reservation:
1. Go to:
2. Check trip availability for the full schedule and pick the day and time of the route of your choice
3. Go to Purchase Trip Reservations and enter each of your trip selections into the cart.
4. Remember to enter a return home reservation
5. Make your purchase at $5.00 per trip.
6. Print a receipt which now is your ticket to board

Yes, it is exciting and will be wonderful to spend time with our neighbours!!

randee brinks